pan-European and project based

The added value of our independence and our will to excel in customer satisfaction is proven again during our project of Waste Treatment Technologies Netherlands B.V. (WTT). WTT designs, builds, installs and maintains high-tech solutions for the waste management industry. They were looking for a logistics partner who could perform their shipments in all its complexity. Trust plays an important part in this.

The projects concern the realisation of three state-of-the-art factories that do not only process the waste, but convert it into energy, supplying more than 30,000 houses in the vicinity with electricity. For this project, WTT outsourced the production of all components – transport belts, shredders, steel construction – mainly to companies in Germany and Poland. In turn, they are assembled in England and Lithuania. The projects are complex due to the pan-European transport, the temporal large volumes and the interests of parties involved. So, it makes sense that WTT looked for a transport partner they could trust completely.

It isn’t easy to temporally place large volumes in the market, let alone to find return cargo. It can easily turn into an expensive and non-sustainable affair. Moreover, great flexibility is required due to the many changes up to the day of loading. This is where airhunters’ expertise is useful, because we check on a daily basis what the best transport solution is. Our almost limitless network allows us to determine which haulier has available loading space in the neighbourhood of the loading address. Furthermore, we invest in our customer relations and personally visit all parties involved in Lithuania, Poland, Germany and the UK. Mainly because of our involvement, we are able to anticipate on changes and express deliveries. Our expertise, combined with our personal approach enables WTT to fully focus on its core business.

Flexible transport solutions for large volumes based on trust, also when shipments are executed exclusively abroad.

what’s in it for our customer?

  • A satisfied customer
  • Short communication lines
  • Transport solutions that fit
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficient usage of loading space
  • Reduction of traffic congestion
  • Less CO2 emissions

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